Wayde H. Lee

"Uncle Wayde" Lee is a cultural practitioner from the island of Moloka‘i. He and his wife Adele are blessed with two children and six grandchildren. He learned the healing arts from his kūpuna (elders) andhas been passing down the wisdom to youth and youth workers for over 25 years as a trainer and former director of a residential substance abuse treatment center.

He is a trained substance abuse prevention specialist. He developed the Pono Lokahi curriculum to teach the traditional practices related to ho‘oponopono  to set things right and restore oneself and one's relationships in harmony and balance.


Youth case workers with training in social work and positive youth development work with youth in a 1-to-2 or 1-to-3 ratio of mentors to youth and are highly skilled in their areas of expertise. As a team, they guide participants through the curricular program, the healing process of ho‘oponopono, and help youth to set goals and plans to return to their homes, schools, and communities.